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Fernbank is an executive 9-hole course, with four par 4s, five par 3s and topping out at 2107 yards. Fernbank has been described as brilliantly quirky! The course’s 254-yard, par 4, first hole stretches almost clear across the property, crossing five of the courses other eight holes. With plenty of trees, an Indian mound and crossing fairways, it makes for a fun, challenging golf outing. The course also features an outdoor courtyard area, filled with picnic tables, perfect for any social gathering.

  • Hole 1: 254/yd
  • Hole 2: 89/yd
  • Hole 3: 176/yd
  • Hole 4: 182/yd
  • Hole 5: 200/yd
  • Hole 6: 189/yd
  • Hole 7: 364/yd
  • Hole 8: 261/yd
  • Hole 9: 387/yd

Total: 2107 Yards

Local Rules:

USGA rules apply except for Fernbank local & tournament rules

Winter rules in effect at all times:

You may remove your ball a maximum of 6 inches, no closer to the hole with your hand or club. No penalty.

A ball in the sand hazard must be played where it lies.

Out of bounds stroke & distance rule:

You must play your next shot from the original location and add one penalty stroke

#2 bridge &#3 Indian mound bush:

Use winter rules to improve your lie. Further relief is an unplayable lie, one stroke penalty.

#5 tee box fence/bushes:

Interference with your stance, lie or swing allows you to place your ball within one club length, where the interference ceases, no closer to the hole. Further relief or relief for line of play is an unplayable lie, one stroke penalty.

Relief from Clubhouse, fences & telephone poles/wires:

Move your ball 2 club lengths, no closer to the hole, without penalty.

All players must register at the clubhouse

Please repair ball marks, replace divots, &rake bunkers.

All alcohol on premises must be purchased from the clubhouse